This easy bolt-on kit allows for better driveshaft angles reducing driveline vibration. Recommended for vehicles with 4.5in - 6.5in of supension lift.
Easy bolt-on installation.
Improves driveshaft angles and reduces driveline vibration.
For XJ Cherokee 1984-2001
      MJ Commanche 1986-1993
Though production ceased nearly 20 years ago, the Jeep XJ remains one of the most popular 4x4 SUV’s in the off-road market, but despite its classic design and fan-favorite status, there’s still room for improvement.
The XJ’s rear upper shock mount bolts are notorious for breaking off due to the bar pin system and age of the vehicle. When this bolt breaks, there is no way to secure a shock or bar pin eliminator. This can cause a lot of frustration, especially if you’re installing a lift kit and encounter this problem near the end of the install.
Rough Country’s XJ Rear Bar Pin Flag Nut eliminates this problem, offering a much easier system for replacing the broken bolt and lining everything up correctly. To install, simply knock out the factory nuts welded in the unibody, slide Rough Country’s Bar Pin Flag Nut into the unibody hole, and use the flag nut handle to easily line up your new mounting point within the unibody recess. This innovative design saves hours of undue stress and makes it much easier to mount a shock or bar pin eliminator. Plus, if you manage to break a bolt on Rough Country’s XJ Bar Pin Flag Nut kit, it is much easier to replace. Ships with new hardware and instructions.
Easily replace your broken rear upper shock mount bolts
Easy installation
Saves hours of frustration
84-01 XJ Cherokee
93-98 ZJ Grand Cherokee
86-92 MJ Pickup
WITH 4 To 6.5 " LIFT
When you're way off the beaten path the last thing you should worry about is how you're getting home. Introducing Rough Country's Forged Adjustable Track Bar for Jeep XJs, ZJs and MJs. This massive 16lb Track Bar is nearly twice the weight of your factory Track bar, offering you unparalleled support and the ultimate peace of mind in any driving situation.
For those who are serious about flexing, crawling, and pushing your Jeep to the limits, Rough Country's Forged Adjustable Track Bar is a must. This new track bar is made of forged steel and features rubber Clevite bushings and a beefy construction that will dwarf stock equipment. This design allows the bar to keep your axles tame even under pure off-road torture.
Best of all, it's simple to install and fully adjustable on the vehicle; meaning no removal required, no trial and error lining it up, and no more wasted time just to dial in your bar. 
Easy bolt-on installation
Massive 1.25in outside diameter.
Made of forged solid steel for unsurpassed strength and durability.
Nearly double the weight of your factory track bar at 16lbs.
Includes Clevite brand OEM style rubber bushings.
Fully adjustable while mounted on the Jeep for a proper fit.
Perfectly center your Jeep's front axle.
A drop pitman arm is recommended for optimum turning radius and drag link alignment.
Maintains proper draglink alignment.
Maintains optimum turning radius.
Helps reduce steering vibrations.
ONLY fits power steering models.
ONLY fits models with 6in - 7in suspension lift kits.

Cherokee XJ 84-01
Comanche MJ 86-93
When you're out there rock crawling, you should be focused on "Where can I go?" not "How will I get home." Gain peace of mind and quit worrying about that puny OEM Tie Rod. Rough Country's Jeep TJ / XJ Tie Rod Upgrade Kit gives you the type of heavy duty protection to keep things moving in the roughest conditions. This Tie Rod Upgrade with HD 1.25in DOM Tubing won't bend or snap under full flex at slow speeds, and is adequately equipped to handle the increased leverage of larger tires and 4wd in full turns.
Easy bolt-on installation.
Built from Heavy Duty 1.25in OD DOM tubing.
Uses stock tie rod ends.
Equipped to handle the increased leverage of larger tires.
1997-2006    4WD    Jeep    TJ Wrangler
2004-2006    4WD    Jeep    TJ Wrangler Unlimited
1991-2001    4WD/2WD    Jeep    XJ Cherokee
1991-1992    4WD/2WD    Jeep    MJ Comanche



2" Poly Flex Ball Joint 3/4" Rod End

Daystar Poly Flex joints are the answer for anyone that needs a strong and silent pivot point. Like a traditional Heim joint, the Poly Flex joint utilizes a spherical ball captured inside a steel outer shell. Unlike Heim joints, however, Poly Flex Joints encapsulate the spherical ball in a special blend of polyurethane. Housed in a steel outer shell, the joint allows a greater range of movement without binding in its attachment points. Also unlike a Heim, the Poly Flex joint does not make noise over time and is completely rebuildable.
Poly Joints feature a Polyurethane bushing that is specially designed to move as the suspension articulates. Available with threaded studs or a weld-on version, these joints are perfect for any fabricator that needs a high-articulation pivot point that remains silent and serviceable.
?Poly Flex Joint Kit
?Fully Rebuildable
?Polyurethane Encased Spherical Ball
?Weld On Or Stud Mount Outer Shell
?High Articulation Joint Perfect for Fabricators

Kit Contents:
Performance 2.2 series stabilizer and hardware.
This steering stabilizer allows for improved on-road and off-road handling, reduces tie rod and ball joint wear and tear, as well as replaces your boring stock stabilizer.
.For YJ/TJ 87-06 and Cherokee 84-01 and Grand Cherokee 93-06.Stops wheel shimmy.

Adjustable Front Track Bar
Adjustable track bar, tie rod end and hardware..
• Fits Jeep TJ 1997-2006 And XJ 1984-2001 with 1.5" - 4.5" suspension installed.
• Massive 1.25" outside diameter.
• Larger more durable tie rod end than factory.
• Features a Clevite OEM style rubber bushing.
• Thick 0.25" wall tubing for heavy-duty durability.
• Adjustable for proper fit.
• Perfectly center your Jeep's front axle.
Kit Description
Introducing Rough Country's redesigned Adjustable Track-Bar for select Jeep kits. This redesigned Track-bar is now 33% stronger, featuring a 1.25" outer diameter and a 0.25" thick wall tube for heavy-duty durability. A new and improved Heavy Duty tie rod end now offers a greater range of movement to help keep your axle at the optimum angle in off-road conditions while Clevite rubber bushings ensure maximum vibration dampening and promote a longer overall lifespan for the part.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Front Track Bar for 1991-01 Jeep Cherokee & 1993-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Adjustable Trackbar function is to properly locate and center the front axle under the body of your Jeep and improve its handling capabilities and steering geometry. This kit is designed to correct misalignment that can develop with Jeeps with as little as 2 inch and up to 6 inch of lift. Rugged Ridge trackbar tubes are constructed with the same beefy 1.25 inch OD x.25 inch wall DOM tubing found in our Heavy Duty Tie Rod Kits! The bar is powder coated black to prevent corrosion and includes, polyurethane bushings, a heavy duty mounting bracket and features a 7/8 inch zinc plated rod end.
Shock Boot Black Each.4 Required with Lift.One required with Steering Stabilizer
Big Bore Heavy Duty Replacement Steering Stabilizer Shock.For YJ/TJ 87-06 and Cherokee 84-01 and Grand Cherokee 93-06.Stops wheel shimmy.
This kit is used to lower the upper and lower control arm mounting points when the XJ is lifted at least 4.5". Lowering the arms mounting points reduces control arm angles and substantially improves ride quality and handling. Minor drilling is required. Vehicle must have at least 4.5" of suspension lift. Includes control arm drop brackets, bracket braces, and hardware.
Adjustable Rear Shackles for Cherokee 84-01.Able to adjust for up to 2" lift in rear.
Kit Contents:
Front: Quick disconnects, frame brackets, bushings, pins, and hardware.
Quick disconnects give your Jeep better articulation off road with the pull of a pin, but allows you to keep on road handling and stability. Our new links fold up and secure out of the way when not in use.
• Fits 84-01 Jeep XJ Cherokee models.
• Fits 93-98 Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee models.
• Works with 3.5" - 6" of suspension.

• Adjustable to fit 3.5" - 6" of lift.
• Easily secured away when not in use.
• Allows for greater articulation off-road.
• Easy pull of the pin and you're trail ready.
Lower Control Arm Bushings Front Cherokee 84-01
Upper Control Arm Bushings Front Cherokee 84-01

The Alloy USA® Differential Cable Lock Kit is a permanent replacement for the failure prone OE vacuum disconnects system on early model Wranglers and Cherokees. The kit allows you to engage and lock the front axle from inside the cab. A 1inch pull of the cable ensures you will have four wheel-drive when you need it for as long as the transfer case is engaged. The Differential Cable Lock Kit is more cost effective and easier to install than a locker or posi-trac system.For YJ 1987 to 1995 and Cherokee 1984 to 1991.


X-Flex Adjustable Control Arms
Tubular adjustable control arms with X-Flex Joints, Clevite OEM style rubber busings, sleeves, and grease fittings.Notes:
• Fits 1997 - 2006 Jeep TJ / LJ [4" - 6"]
• Fits 1993 - 1998 Jeep ZJ [4" - 6"]
• Fits 1984 - 2001 Jeep XJ [4.5" - 6.5"]
• Clevite OEM style rubber bushings.
• Fully greasable.
• Completely rebuildable X-Flex joints
• Adjustable retainer ring
• Increased longevity
• Upper joints pivot up to 20 degrees
• Lower joints pivot up to 35 degrees
• Allows for greater articulation off-road.Specs:
• Part #: TJ Front Upper [1198]
• Part #: TJ / ZJ / XJFront Lower [1190]
• Part #: TJ / ZJ Rear Upper [1199]
• Part #: TJ / ZJ Rear Lower [1190]

Jeep XJ Cherokee Shackle Relocation Kit 1984-2001
Kit Contents:
Rear: Frame brackets, shackle brackets and hardware.
• Fits 84-01 Jeep XJ Cherokee models ONLY.
• Adds approximately 1"-1.5" of lift.
• Longer rear shocks are recommended.
• A taller coil or coil spacers in the front are recommended to level the vehicle.
• Exhaust modifications may be required for adequate clearance of the shackle bracket.
• Fine tune the rear suspension of your XJ.
• 5 different mounting points.
• Places shackle in optimum location for maximum articulation.
• Allows for greater articulation off-road.

Rough Country Jeep TJ / XJ High Clearance Dual Steering Stabilizer
The Rough Country High Clearance Dual Steering Stabilizer allows for improved on-road and off-road handling, reduces tie rod and ball joint wear and tear, as well as replaces your boring stock stabilizer.



DESIGNED TO WORK WITH ALL WRANGLERS AND XJ CHEROKEES WITH AN ELECTRONIC SPEEDOMETER. This kit is a MUST if you installed a 2" or taller suspension lift in your 1987-2006 Jeep® Wrangler (not needed for body lifted Jeeps®). The kit fits all newer production NP 231 transfer cases (1987- up). A Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit (SYE) will eliminate the need to drop your transfer case in order to avoid drive train vibrations that are caused by taller suspension lift. The purpose of this kit is to replace the slip yoke portion of the NP 231 with a fixed yoke and CV-style drive shaft assembly. This is the most complete and strongest kit available. The Mega Short SYE (18676.72) is designed to be used in the same lift applications as the other standard SYE kit (2" and up). The main advantage to the new Mega Short SYE kit is that it allows for a much longer drive shaft to be used (additional 3"). This reduces the angle of the dive shaft and in turn improved bearing and u-joint life, reduces driveline vibrations caused by lifted Jeeps® running short drive shafts. It also has a shorter and stronger main shaft design.

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