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5413334-35 - Bestop Tire Cover Storage
Fits 30" To 33" Tire OR 34" TO 37" Tire Please Specify
Get spare storage with the Bestop RoughRider Soft Storage Spare Tire Organizer
Features 5 bags: two small sides, two large sides & one rear
Easily mounts to your spare tire in 15 minutes or less
Sizes to fit tires between 30” to 40” diameter available
Crafted like a Jeep soft top from Bestop’s diamond-point fabric
UV- and mildew-resistant fabric delivers tough-as-nails durability
Sewn with marine-grade threads to prevent splitting seams
Your Bestop RoughRider Soft Storage Tailgate Organizer is backed by a 2-year limited warranty
DescriptionJeeps have power to spare and style to spare—even a spare tire. But certainly no room to spare. So, if you need some spare cargo space, put that spare tire to work with the Bestop RoughRider Soft Storage Spare Tire Organizer. Mounting to your spare tire, the Bestop spare tire organizer lets you fill 5 various sized pouches with all your spare gear. And if two small top bags, two larger side bags & one long rear bag weren't enough, there are even straps to hold a folding chair on top. It's like a backpack for your Jeep!
But this is no flimsy backpack. It's made by Bestop, so your RoughRider spare tire organizer is built off-road tough from the same material that Bestop uses for their legendary Jeep soft tops—rugged diamond-point fabric. And, to make sure it can stand up to the on- and off-road abuse your Jeep sees day in and day out, it's sewn together with marine-grade threads.
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